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Water Transfer Flowers
French tips with water transfer flowers.
3D Roses
White gel gradation with pigments brushed over tulle
(except the ring finger, which was brushed without
tulle), with molded gel roses and pink rhinestones.
Milky Green Sakura
Milky green gradation with cherry blossom stickers.
Black Snowflakes
Black glitter gradation gel with silver snowflake
rubber stickers.
Valentine Hearts
Pink glitter gradation gel with white heart stamps
on the tips.
Black and Blue Lace
Wintery iridescent glitter gradation gel with
black stamping and round, blue glitter flakes.
Santa Trees
Christmas glitter gradation gel with
fimo clay trees and Santa.
Christmas Flowers
Red glitter gradation gel with white stamping and
round, green glitter flakes.
Coral Gradation
Simple gel gradation with iridescent
round glitter flakes.
Blingy gels with stones all over. Used a pink base
(finally bought a colored gel other than white),
put a little glitter on top of that, then attached stones
with glue topped with a thin top gel top coat.
Halloween stamps over gel French.
Stamps are both Konad and off-brand plates with
regular nailpolishes (not stamping polish).
Simple Stones
Simple French with stones.
Fall Leaves
Fall French gel with changing leaves. Stamped
konad plates, konad brown polish and
regular nail polishes.

Starry French. The stars were stamped on
using Konad plates.
Red Bows
Frills & bows. Stamped on, with gel french tips.
Simple French
Simple French.
Pink Music
Pink music note stamping with
champagne stones.
Purple Kiss
Pearly pink reverse French with
purple kiss stamping.
Pearly Pink French
Pearly pink irregular French with
stickers and glitter flakes.
Rounded Sakura
Pale pink glitter gradation with sakura stickers.
Green V
Iridescent glitter gradation with glitter
flake design.
Mardi Gras Beads
Gold glitter gradation with glitter flake "beads"
for Mardi Gras.
Fuschia Glitter
Fuschia glitter gradation gel with
black stamping design.
Red Glitter
Red glitter gradation gel with
silver snowflake stickers.

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